Hello everybody this is my new update, in few times a new little vidéo :)

Bonsoir tout le monde, j’espère que vous aimez, une nouvelle petite vidéo viendra dans quelque temps ;)


Lovely Lizz

This lovely Bondage Model Lizz Andrews is featured unbound and wants a moment to tease the bad boys. She removes her heels to reveal her high arches, then strips away her black stockings to expose her bare feet. Lizz has her bare feet in your face for you to admire. You are allowed to touch but not to tickle!

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FETISH FOCUS: Amber Lynn Bach

Amber Is lounging on the couch texting and tweeting barefoot. She kicks her feet up on the couch and wiggles her butter soft soles and toes.

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This exotic Asian Model Jade Vixen rubs her stocking covered feet together, then strips away her vintage stockings and wiggles her tempting toes in your face! You are not allowed to touch! *FOOT FETISH* *PANTYHOSE/STOCKINGS* *SOLES* *TOE WIGGLING* *WRINKLED SOLES*
Starring: Jade Vixen

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Takaiji Crush

Did you drink that potion right in front of Amazon Takaiji? The effects are starting to shot! You’re getting smaller and smaller and Takaiji appears to tower over you! She laughs and pokes at you tiny little man. Her HUGE SIZE 13 FEET eclipse over your world and her sole will come crashing down!

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Jerk for @Alexisgrace_XXX

Goddess Alexis has been waiting on you to arrive for your session. You have an aching urge to indulge in your foot fetish. Alexis knows what gets you aroused. She dangles her shoes in front of you and shows off her stockinged soles allowing you to get a whiff. She strips away those stcokings to reveal her bare wrinkled soles coaching you to jerk your cock while she wiggles her toes. Are you ready to blow your load all over this Goddess Amazon feet?

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Riding with @EnchantressSahr

Sahrye likes to relax while she rides on hot summer day. She knows how much her footboy loves her feet so she removes her shoes and props her barefeet on the dash. Her soles appear to glow from the sun by recieving a healthy dose of Vitamin D.

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Kessa’s Outside Dirty Feet

Kessa has been outside in the park, walking through the grass and notices you glaring at her feet. Her toes are tasty, but would you lick the dirt from her soles? She could rinse them off through the lake, but your tongue would make a more suitable choice.

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Sasha puts it down

You are so small little man. Do you realize how insignificant you are to the Giantess Sasha? She has dominated and crushed many tiny men! Her long toes reach out for you as you prepare to be stomped by her giantess feet!

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Kandii Love

Are you staring at the feet of Mistress Kandii? You salivate at the thought of her removing her shoes and showing you her luscious BARE soles! She is happy to oblige and reveals her wrinkled soles and cobra toes enticing you to come and worship them.

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Smelly Socks For You!

Sexy pinup ladies have to work hard to keep their girlish figures. Ludella and Courtney have been working up a drenching sweat in the gym. They know you love feet, but they want you to smell their sweaty, smelly feet!

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lots of yes

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